Life Energy and Core Identity 

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Live Group Workshops 

Reduce anxiety with 60% in 4 days without medications.


 Intensive for individuals

3 full days individual.therapy for how to reduce anxiety with 60% without medication

Online intensive 8 week  program

Online Intensive

8 week intensive online program.

Online 4-day program

Basic Online

4-day online program.

Healing and Growth

A 3 Step Program to take us from feeling anxious, depressed and stuck to a place of being free, relaxed and joyful.

A Life Energy program to reduce anxiety with 60 % in 4 days

  • Problems/Symptoms as Growth Opportunities

    Get an exact road map to have tools to get rid of anxiety with proven tools.and without medication.

  • Consciousness

    We are so stuck in our problem with tunnel vision, that we are totally unaware of the unlimited potential to recreate our story..

  • Change negative Beliefs and regulate emotions

    Powerful techniques are available to confront negative beliefs and to bring our heart and brain in sync to overcome the debilitating effects of anxiety 

  • Reconnect to Self

    We feel lost and unsure of who we are. Symptoms are just the calling of your soul to do some deeper healing work and to rediscover your authentic Self..

  • Victim Triangle

    We think we are victims of our circumstances and that there is no way out. Victim Triangle is at the basis of much of our anxiety.

  • Energy

    A symptom is also a sign of blocked energy.Amazing tools are available to help your natural Core Energy flow effortlessly..

Benefits that the Life Energy/
Core Identity Program can offer you:

  • Do you perhaps struggle to sleep at night because you are constantly anxious and feel that you have lost control over their lives?

  • Maybe you feel like a failure and fear that you will not be able to provide for your families and can even loose your jobs.


Most people just carry on and try harder and hope for an external solution, like medicine, will solve their problems. Perhaps we are afraid to admit that we need help or are just not aware that we can be helped.

What we need to become aware of:

What will happen if you just try harder, ignore the symptoms and not take action?
• What difference would it make if you do jump in NOW and experience the benefits of being free of anxiety at work and at home.
• That there is people who care and wants to help

For 25 years I have seen people struggling with anxiety and depression. They are usually in responsible positions, still at work but under performing and feel that they lose control. They are often perfectionists and feel like a failure and fear that they will lose their income and perhaps experience a nervous breakdown or burnout. It would be so more beneficial if they could engage early in a therapeutic process and to translate their symptoms into a growth opportunity

I can promise these people if they are willing to engage in a personal transformation process, with the intention to reduce their stress and anxiety, and willing to work on a deeper level, they can change and become more relaxed and joyful. It can become a true Hero’s Journey!

How I can make the above promise is:

By creating a safe environment to turn a problem into a growth opportunity,
 As well as years of experience to help people grow and heal.
 And constantly updating on the newest information and research in therapy.

And through the 4 day Life Energy and Core Identity program where anxious, stressed people can reduce their anxiety with 60% in 4 days without medication.

One of my clients was so anxious and depressed and not functioning at work and at home because of a life event, that I considered to admit her in a hospital. Instead she went through the Life Energy and Core Identity Program and within 4 days she regained hope and reduced her anxiety with 60% and didn’t even need medication or admission!

Discover your true self and let your life

energy flow freely.

What if I tell you that your problem actually contains a huge growth opportunity and if you are able to discover the gold in it, you will be amazed at how useful the symptom can be by pushing you softly but urgently toward growth and healing?
It's about continuing your heroic journey, but this time with more tools, better equipped with a slower pace and a road map in your pocket!